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 The objective of this work is to identify which substrata characteristics (such as coral morphology, coral diversity, coral species richness, percentage coverage by live coral or by algae) influence the structure and abundance of fish communities. The study was carried out at Reunion Island, Indian Ocean, where six sites were sampled in two zones (reef(More)
In these ecological studies of the sheltered beaches of the bay of Arcachon (France), the author distinguishes and locates four traditional zones: slikke, upper slikke, schorre and parhalian zone. Animal communities and edaphic structures of each zone are treated in detail. In the slikke, four fundamental facies are distinguished:Zostera nana zones, bare(More)
The authors add further confirmation to the hypothesis of the role played by a chitinase during the process of moulting. By ligaturingBombyx mori-larvae between head and thorax, accumulation of moulting fluid takes place between the larval and nymphal cuticles, swallowing of this fluid being prevented. The chitinolytic properties of this moulting fluid are(More)
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