M Amalia Andrade Olivié

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We have shown previously [1] that bovine epithelial lens cells can be stimulated to divide and elongate by a retinal extract (RE). In this report we show that the morphological response to the stimulatory factor is directly related to the target-cell shape, and we describe how the cell shape can be modulated into morphologically different types. If the(More)
ABSTRACT: To investigate the effect of pubertal development on serum levels of IGF binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) and IGF-1, and the relationship between IGFBP-3 levels and height, weight, weight for height and age (WFHA), and IGF-1 levels, a cross-sectional study was performed in a Spanish basic education school in Vigo (NW Spain). The study was made up of(More)
Cultures of cells derived from non-leukemic human tissues were submitted to treatments known to induce endogenous C-type viruses of a number of animal species. Virus expression was evaluated by reverse transcriptase (RT) assays in the growth medium. Of 20 cultures treated or untreated with bromodeoxyuridine, 18 were totally negative in RT assays. Of the 2(More)
THE SAMPLE volumes are of the order of a few nanolitres, the concentration in calcium being between 50 and 200 parts in 106 . Atomic absorption is used. However, the flame requires sample volumes 10 000 times larger than are available, and sample dilution is not possible since, at a 50 parts in 106 concentration, the solvent itself will significantly(More)
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