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– The phenomenon of spatial coherence resonance is presented and studied. Specifically , we show that spatiotemporal noise is able to optimally extract an intrinsic spatial scale in nonlinear media close to (but before) a pattern-forming instability. This effect is observed in a model of pattern-forming chemical reaction and in the Swift-Hohenberg model of(More)
A ligand-based 3D-QSAR study for the identification of MMP3 inhibitors was developed by applying an innovative alignment method capable of taking into account information obtained from available X-ray MMP3 structures. Comparison of the obtained model with data recently published using a docking-based alignment method indicated that the ligand-based 3D-QSAR(More)
Ever since Darwin, understanding evolutionary processes and patterns have been major scientific quests. In the Origin of Species, Darwin explained both adaptation and diversity, and most of his arguments were based on indirect evidence, including comparative approaches. These findings led Darwin to defend that evolution in nature is extremely slow and(More)
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