M. Alper Tunga

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The primary goal of this study is to state the clear changes in functional brain connectivity during all night sleep in psycho-physiological insomnia (PPI). The secondary goal is to investigate the usefulness of Mutual Information (MI) analysis in estimating cortical sleep EEG arousals for detection of PPI. For these purposes, healthy controls and patients(More)
We measured Thrombopoietin (Tpo) levels in thrombocytopenic term and preterm babies with infection to investigate the relationship between thrombopietin levels and platelet counts. Sixteen preterm (27-34 weeks' gestational age) and 5 term neonates (38-41 weeks' gestational age) with the diagnosis of neonatal infection and thrombocytopenia (platelets <150 x(More)
In multivariate interpolation problems, increase in both the number of independent variables of the sought function and the number of nodes appearing in the data set cause computational and mathematical difficulties. It may be a better way to deal with less variate partitioned data sets instead of an N–dimensional data set in a multivariate interpolation(More)
In this study, singular spectrum analysis (SSA) has been used for the first time in order to extract emotional features from well-defined electroencephalography (EEG) frequency band activities (BAs) so-called delta (0.5-4 Hz), theta (4-8 Hz), alpha (8-16 Hz), beta (16-32 Hz), gamma (32-64 Hz). These five BAs were estimated by applying sixth-level(More)