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Cholera toxin (ChT) inhibits signals generated by multiple growth factors in human lung cancer cells, resulting in cell growth inhibition. We now report that ChT triggers apoptosis as shown by DNA fragmentation and activation of caspases cleaving poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase and lamin B. Apoptosis induced by ChT in a small cell lung cancer cell line is not(More)
Asthma is characterized by inflammation and hyperresponsiveness related to the accumulation of inflammatory cells, particularly eosinophils, within the airways. We tested the hypothesis that a multitargeted approach is better than a single-targeted approach in a rat model of asthma. We simultaneously delivered oligonucleotides (ODNs) targeting the chemokine(More)
  • M Allam
  • Journal of preventive medicine and hygiene
  • 2014
Over the last 5 years, a number of outbreaks of measles have occurred in several European Union (EU) countries. Many of these outbreaks continue and/or continued for more than 1 year after the notification of the first case. Curiously in many of measles outbreaks about 10% of the patients were less than 12 months of age. All these patients according to the(More)
A clinical trial of four weeks duration was conducted involving a total of thirty depressed patients, of both sexes, aged between twenty and thirty-four years. The total number of patients was divided into three groups of ten patients each. One group received amitriptyline, the second group was administered noxiptyline and the third group was given(More)
Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), interleukin-3 (IL-3), and IL-5 play a key role in allergic inflammation. They mediate their effect via receptors that consist of two distinct subunits, a cytokine-specific alpha subunit and a common beta subunit (betac) that transduces cell signaling. We sought to down-regulate the biologic(More)
The objective of this original investigation was to study the effect of the standardized Ginseng Extract G115 on the metabolic activity and ECoG of the rabbit's brain. The results showed significant increase of the glucose uptake with simultaneous significant reduction of the lactate, pyruvate and lactate/pyruvate ratio. These findings indicate shift of(More)
Over the last years medicine has progressed very rapidly. Communicable diseases, which were the leading causes of mortalities, are not anymore, especially in developed countries. Currently, non-communicable diseases are more prevalent, and most of them are related to changes in our daily habits and degenerative processes. Most of these diseases are chronic,(More)
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