M. Ali Tahir

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Aerial video imagery is widely used in mapping, surveillance and monitoring applications. An aerial video can give sufficient information, but it does not offer the freedom and flexibility of working with a geo-registered image or map. Our paper provides a cost effective, robust and efficient solution for real time video registration. We propose a fast(More)
Grey level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM), one of the beat known tool for texture analysis, estimates image properties related to second-order statistics. These image properties commonly known as texture features can be used for image classification, image segmentation, and remote sensing applications. However, their computations are highly intensive(More)
Writer identification is becoming an increasingly important research topic especially in forensic and biometric applications. This paper presents a novel method for performing offline write identification by using multi-scale local binary patterns histogram (MLBPH) features. The proposed feature (MLBPH) when combined with edge-hinge based feature achieves a(More)
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