M. Ali Nasseri

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—To design compact and precise robotic devices for medical applications one of the most important initial steps is choosing suitable actuators. In typical situations there is a trade-off between working volume and precision. This trade-off and decision making is more serious in micro scale operations like ophthalmic surgeries. This paper analyzes the(More)
Vitreo-retinal surgery is challenging, as delicate structures have to be manipulated. Eliminating tremor caused by human motions when doing micromanipulation can therefore improve the outcome of such an intervention. An eye surgery robot has been built to overcome this problem. The contribution of this paper is the design of a telemanipulation setup for the(More)
Low transparency is one of the major drawbacks of passivity-based control approaches in teleoperation systems, particularly when time delay exists in the communication channel. In this work, we improved the transparency of time-delayed teleoperation. For this, we used a passivity-based control approach with the generalized scattering transformation. To(More)
— This work investigates the controlling effects of a small group of agents on a large flock. The flock consists of a small fraction of informed agents, who are aware of the final goal, and a large fraction of naïve agents, who are not aware of the final goal but tend to stay with the group. The interesting point of this work is that although the informed(More)
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