M. Ali Akcayol

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Recommendation Systems (RSs) are used to provide users useful and effective suggestions. Effectiveness of RSs is depend on the quality of the suggestions. In this study, a new RS based on decision tree (DT) using implicit relevance feedback have been developed for movies. User behavior as implied relevance feedback is modeled by clickstreams. The DT(More)
In this study, a mobile cloud offloading system has been developed to decide that a process run on the cloud or on the mobile platform. A context-aware decision algorithm has been developed. The low performance and problem of battery consumption of mobile devices have been fundamental challenges on the mobile computing. To overcome this kind of challenges,(More)
In this study, a priority based protocol with queue management has been developed for wireless networks. The protocol is creating new queue management for reducing dropped TCP packets with priority. A load balancing method for gateways was also developed. The protocol has been tested using an ns-2 (network simulator 2) simulation tool. In the simulation,(More)