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Even though there have been various proposed and wideley used ciphering techniques in cryptography, main improvements in this field came out with the idea of " super computing ". Till now, popular methods like DES, AES and RSA which can be mathematically cracked in a duration of universe's age, have been proposed. But all of these methods's future is at(More)
As the importance of information increases, many various methods are being used for keeping this information and trasfering confidently. One of these methods is cryptographic algorithms. These algorithms have to be adequately powerful.Thus far,various algorithms have been proposed and used. In this paper,a survey of elliptic curve cryptography,which is(More)
The purpose of this study is to provide more effective imaging by using selection operation in the Laplacian pyramid domain for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) based images, which contains anatomical and morphological information about body tissues in medical imaging. In this way, the sub-pixel information from multiple images of the same scene can be(More)
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