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Cryptosporidium diarrhea represents a relevant clinical problem in developing countries. In Al-Taif, a city of Saudi Arabia that lies at an altitude of an around 2 km above the sea level, Cryptosporidium infection seems to be undiagnosed in nearly all clinical laboratories. Furthermore, nothing was published regarding Cryptosporidium-associated diarrhea in(More)
Phonetic dictionaries are essential components of large-vocabulary natural language speaker-independent speech recognition systems. This paper presents a rule-based technique to generate Arabic phonetic dictionaries for a large vocabulary speech recognition system. The system used classic Arabic pronunciation rules, common pronunciation rules of Modern(More)
Dynamic resource allocation has the potential to provide significant increases in total revenue in enterprise systems through the reallocation of available resources as the demands on hosted applications change over time. This paper investigates the combination of workload prediction algorithms and switching policies: the former aim to forecast the workload(More)
BACKGROUND Semiconductor doped nanostructure materials have attained considerable attention owing to their electronic, opto-electronic, para-magnetic, photo-catalysis, electro-chemical, mechanical behaviors and their potential applications in different research areas. Doped nanomaterials might be a promising owing to their high-specific surface-area,(More)
This work is concerned with dynamic resource allocation for multi-tiered, cluster-based web hosting environments. Dynamic resource allocation is reactive, that is, when overloading occurs in one resource pool, servers are moved from another (quieter) pool to meet this demand. Switching servers comes with some overhead, so it is important to weigh up the(More)
The scale and complexity of online applications and e-business infrastructures has led service providers to rely on the capabilities of large-scale hosting platforms, i.e., data centers. Dynamic resource allocation (DRA) algorithms have been shown to allow server resource allocation to be matched with application workload, which can improve server resource(More)
In dynamic resource allocation systems, servers are moved between pools when overloading is detected. In this work, we investigate the impact to such systems of combining three adaptive monitoring techniques. First we employ two well known switching policies -- the Proportional Switching Policy (PSP) and the Bottleneck Aware Switching Policy (BSP) -- to(More)
It is common for Internet service hosting centres to dedicate server resources to different applications such that revenue is maximised through efficient use of the available resources. Dynamic resource allocation has been shown to provide a significant increase in total revenue through the reallocation of available resources in accordance with changes in(More)
Regorafenib is a multi-targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitor approved for use in refractory colorectal cancer. We report the first case of seizures secondary to acute liver failure, shortly after initiation of regorafenib in a patient with advanced rectal carcinoma. A 64 year-old Caucasian female presented with confusion and generalized tonic–clonic seizures,(More)
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