M. Acton

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We demonstrate a two-dimensional 11-zone ion trap array, where individual laser-cooled atomic ions are stored, separated, shuttled, and swapped. The trap geometry consists of two linear rf-ion trap sections that are joined at a 90° angle to form a T-shaped structure. We shuttle a single ion around the corners of the T-junction and swap the positions of two(More)
We report the implementation of Grover's quantum search algorithm in the scalable system of trapped atomic ion quantum bits. Any one of four possible states of a two-qubit memory is marked, and following a single query of the search space, the marked element is successfully recovered with an average probability of 60͑2͒%. This exceeds the performance of any(More)
Simultaneous measurement of multiple qubits stored in hyperfine levels of trapped 111 Cd + ions is realized with an intensified charge-coupled device (CCD) imager. A general theory of fluorescence detection for hyperfine qubits is presented and applied to experimental data. The use of an imager for photon detection allows for multiple qubit state(More)
Atomic cadmium ions are loaded into radiofrequency ion traps by photoionization of atoms in a cadmium vapor with ultrafast laser pulses. The photoionization is driven through an intermediate atomic resonance with a frequency-quadrupled mode-locked Ti:sapphire laser that produces pulses of either 100-fs or 1-ps duration at a central wavelength of 229 nm. The(More)
Competing interests statement The authors declare that they have no competing financial interests. A large number of synthetic and natural compounds self-organize into bulk phases exhibiting periodicities on the 10 28 – 10 26 metre scale 1 as a consequence of their molecular shape, degree of amphiphilic character and, often, the presence of additional(More)
Ion mobility spectrometry-mass spectrometry (IMS-MS) techniques are used to study the general effects of phosphorylation on peptide structure. Cross sections for a library of 66 singly phosphorylated peptide ions from 33 pairs of positional isomers, and unmodified analogues were measured. Intrinsic size parameters (ISPs) derived from these measurements(More)
  • J P Barjaktarevic, See J Links, V Bergholm, See L Koponen, G Björk, See H Heydari +84 others
  • 2006
exact-universal computation with qudits probability distribution of bi-partite randomised stabilizer states (6) 527 C.M. Dawson, The Solovay-Kitaev algorithm (1) 81 L. Deslauriers, see M. Acton S.J. Devitt, Robustness of Shor's algorithm (7) 616 E. D'Hondt, The computational power of the W and GHZ states (2) 173 T.G. Draper, A logarithmic-depth quantum(More)
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