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Patterns of brain activity during deception have recently been characterized with fMRI on the multi-subject average group level. The clinical value of fMRI in lie detection will be determined by the ability to detect deception in individual subjects, rather than group averages. High-dimensional non-linear pattern classification methods applied to functional(More)
In this work, we present a novel region-based active contour technique to extract the breast boundary in mammograms. Skin-line extraction in mammograms is non-trivial due to the presence of noise and scanning artifacts. Also, weak contrast near the skin-line boundary, especially in the case of low-density breasts, poses a lot of difficulty in its(More)
Mind reading or thought prediction is a promising application of functional neuroimaging studies. The emergence of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has, in the last two decades given a boost to these studies. In order to improve the accuracy, predictability and repeatability of thought prediction, it is important to have a representation that(More)
This paper addresses two critical questions on the performance of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) i.e., whether its implementation adds value to the firm and whether it takes stages to mature. It confirms both arguments that ERM creates value when the infrastructure is fully embedded into a company's operations and matured. The traditional methods of(More)
Permission is granted to make brief excerpts for a published review. Permission is also granted to make limited numbers of copies of items in this monograph for personal, internal, classroom or other instructional use, on condition that the foregoing copyright notice is used so as to give reasonable notice of the Society's copyright. This consent for free(More)
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