M. Abrar Hossain

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In this paper, we propose three ideas to improve a kinematic estimation algorithm for total knee arthroplasty. The first is a two-step estimation algorithm that improves estimation accuracy by excluding certain assumptions needed for the pattern matching algorithm reported by Banks and Hodge. The second is incorporating a 3D geometric articulation model(More)
Phishing Websites are forged Web pages that are created by malicious people to mimic Web pages of real Websites and it attempts to defraud people of their personal information. Detecting and identifying Phishing Websites is really a complex and dynamic problem involving many factors and criteria, and because of the subjective considerations and the(More)
Many algorithms have been proposed for the discovery of association rules. The efficiency of these algorithms needs to be improved to handle real-world large datasets. Specifically, for data stored in heterogeneous and geographically distributed healthcare centers. This efficiency can be determined mainly by three factors. The way candidates are generated,(More)
Drug binding to its surrounding proteins is known as a resistive factor towards effective drug penetration that reduces the diffusing drug concentration inside the tumour. This drug reduction fails to remove tumour mass completely and becomes one cause of treatment failure and tumour recurrence. Various mathematical models have been developed to calculate(More)
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