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Equilibrium dialysis was used to study in vitro the enantioselective binding of R, S, and racemic ketoprofen at physiological pH and temperature in human serum albumin (HSA) (1, 20, and 40 g/liter) and in plasma. The binding of enantiomers in a racemic mixture was studied to see the effect of each isomer on the other's interaction with the protein. The free(More)
Many aryl alkanoic acids are cleared as ester glucuronide excreted in urine. While conjugation with glucuronic acid is generally considered as a detoxication process, this conjugate has been shown over the past decade to be a potentially reactive metabolite, undergoing hydrolysis, intramolecular rearrangement, and irreversible binding to proteins. This(More)
High doses of retinol produce hyperostotic lesions in animals and humans. In this study we measured in fasting subjects and 5 hours after administering 50,000 IU of retinol, levels in the serum of retinol, retinol-binding protein (RBP) and prealbumin in 35 hyperostotic subjects (HVA) and 22 control subjects. Retinol levels were equally high after fasting(More)
The best assessment tests for long term trials on osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip and knee are the following, in order of relevance value (consensus of french experts): 1) the loss of joint space thickness on successive radiographies; 2, 3) the indices of the severity for OA of the hip and knee; the investigator's overall opinion; 4) the patient's overall(More)