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This paper presents the real-time implementation of a novel wavelet-based multiresolution proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller for the accurate speed control of the interior permanent-magnet (IPM) synchronous motor drives under system uncertainties. In the proposed wavelet-based PID controller, the discrete wavelet transform is used to(More)
The radio frequency identification system (RFID) is becoming one of the most popular system in wireless technologies. The UHF RFID tag emulator is a part of RFID testing tools. The UHF RFID tag emulator would be imitating the behavior of RFID Tag. The UHF RFID tag emulator (860 MHz to 960 MHz) is aimed for testing the RFID systems and also acts as a(More)
This paper considers a signalling scheme for a multi-user wireless broadcast system where the base station has multiple transmit antennas and users can have multiple receive antennas. Independent data streams are transmitted in this system by allocating different transmit antennas to different selected users where multiple transmit antennas may be allocated(More)
This paper presents a hybrid neuro-wavelet scheme for online tuning of a wavelet-based multiresolution proportional integral derivative (MRPID) controller in real time for precise speed control of an interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor (IPMSM) drive system under system uncertainties. In the proposed wavelet-based MRPID controller, the discrete(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES During 6 to 8 wk of gestation, human placental villi show a complex pattern of morphogenesis. There is however, no large scale gene expression study exploring the temporal pattern of the developmental molecular networks in placental villi during the early weeks of gestation. We evaluated the transcriptome profiling of humn placental(More)
In this work, a novel wavelet packet transform (WPT) based algorithm is developed for the on-line protection of a three-phase interior permanent magnet (IPM) motor fed from a sinusoidal pulse width modulated voltage source inverter (PWM-VSI). The proposed algorithm is implemented and tested on-line using the ds1102 digital signal processor board for(More)
Of late, chaos based cryptography has attracted significant attraction of the researchers due to their simplicity of implementation, complex behavior and extreme sensitivity to initial conditions. In this paper an efficient technique to introduce security at physical (PHY) layer is proposed in 802.11i design to provide security in medium access control.(More)
We present an agent-based coalition formation approach for disaster response applications. We assume that agents are operating in a dynamic and dangerous environment, and they need to form convoys to efficiently traverse unsafe areas and rendezvous at task locations. We assume a dynamic model of multilevel coalition formation where agents can dynamically(More)