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Pathogen resistance (R) genes of the NBS-LRR class (for nucleotide binding site and leucine-rich repeat) are found in many plant species and confer resistance to a diverse spectrum of pathogens. Little is known about the mechanisms that drive NBS-LRR gene evolution in the host-pathogen arms race. We cloned the RPP8 gene (for resistance to Peronospora(More)
The ANTHOCYANINLESS2 (ANL2) gene was isolated from Arabidopsis by using the maize Enhancer-Inhibitor transposon tagging system. Sequencing of the ANL2 gene showed that it encodes a homeodomain protein belonging to the HD-GLABRA2 group. As we report here, this homeobox gene is involved in the accumulation of anthocyanin and in root development. Histological(More)
Transformation of the well-studied maize transposable elements into other plant species should enable transposon tagging methodology to be used for the isolation of interesting genes in the heterologous host. Here we describe the isolation of a transposon-tagged male sterile mutant in Arabidopsis thaliana using the maize Enhancer-Inhibitor transposable(More)
Influence of ozone on litter quality and its subsequent effects on the initial structure of colonizing microbial communities. Tree internal signalling and defence reactions under ozone exposure in sun and shade leaves of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) trees. Oral secretions from herbivorous lepidopteran larvae exhibit ion channel-forming activities.(More)
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