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The kinetics of wetting during the process of making tablet granulations were studied; the process progresses through an intermediate (overwetted) nonequilibrium granule to a final, equilibrated granule. In systematic formulation changes, there is an optimum composition from the point of view of hardness and content of equilibrium granules.
Cimetidine forms a complex with theophylline in vitro in both pH 7.4 buffer and human plasma. The increase in the amount of theophylline in solution is about 20% in the buffer system and about 36% in plasma. It is hypothesized that this complex formation may contribute to and be part of the mechanism of the clinically observed decreased theophylline(More)
A sucrose-lactose-starch granulation was used to study particulate motion and attrition in a fluid bed dryer. There is some classification of material in the dryer as drying proceeds; fine particles are dried faster and become less dense, and the less dry but denser large particles show some (although not great) accumulation tendencies in the lower central(More)
Granulations were made at various air speeds and various rates of addition of granulating liquid in a spray-granulatin assembly. The ensuring particle sizes were log-normal, and the data substantiate that the process is of the nature previously described. The mean diameter obtained was approximately proportional to the liquid flow rate squared but was(More)