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The space-time fractional diffusion-wave equation (FDWE) is a generalization of classical diffusion and wave equations which is used in modeling practical phenomena of diffusion and wave in fluid flow, oil strata and others. This paper reports an accurate spectral tau method for solving the two-sided space and time Caputo FDWE with various types of(More)
In this work, we investigate the potential of combining artificial intelligence (AI) tree-search algorithms with the algorithms of combinatorial game theory to provide more efficient strategies for playing sum games based on subgame types. Two new approximate strategies are developed and tested using a specified game model. Both strategies achieve higher(More)
This paper reports a novel numerical technique for solving the time variable fractional order mobile-immobile advection-dispersion (TVFO-MIAD) model with the Coimbra variable time fractional derivative, which is preferable for modeling dynamical systems. The main advantage of the proposed method is that two different collocation schemes are investigated for(More)
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