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Histamine aerosols were administered to nine anesthetized, paralyzed, mechanically ventilated mongrel dogs with the cervical vagi first intact, then sectioned, and then peripherally stimulated at two intensities. Pulmonary resistance (RL) was measured, and dose-response curves were constructed in the four conditions. All dogs had dose-related increases in(More)
To determine the relationship between changes in density dependence of maximal expiratory flow and changes in the predominant site of bronchoconstriction, we altered the pattern of inhalation of a methacholine aerosol to achieve deposition either centrally (by short choppy breaths) or peripherally (by slow deep breaths). Partial expiratory flow volume(More)
Naturally occurring variations in airway responsiveness to inhaled mediators were correlated with various anatomic indexes thought to be related to airway responsiveness. Specifically, the airways of 2 relatively unresponsive and 3 relatively responsive dogs were compared in terms of epithelial thickness, secretory cell number, smooth muscle thickness, and(More)
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