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—Surface roughness has a significant effect on the relationship between radar hackscattcr and soil moisture. In order to use cxistinR radar satellite data for soil moisture, roughness effects must be corrected. A technique is presented that utilises Ihe data bases from soil erosion sludies and soil moisture remote sensing investigations to provide firsl(More)
Sixty-six patients with Duke's B2 or C colon or rectal cancer were randomized for treatment with aspirin (ASA), 600 mg, p.o., twice daily x 2 years or placebo (P). Compliance was checked in both groups by random measurement of blood salicylate levels. Fifty-seven patients are currently evaluable. No difference in disease-free (p = .66) or overall survival(More)
Decision makers historically have indicated that inaccessibility of required geographic data and difficulties in synthesizing various recommendations are primary obstacles to spatial problem solving. Studies have shown that the quality of decisions (i.e., the ability to produce meaningful solutions) can be improved if these obstacles are lessened or removed(More)
The purpose of this report is to highlight ongoing Federal research efforts in this science and technology (S&T) field and to identify new and promising areas where there might be gaps in Federal support. The report is intended for internal planning purposes within the Federal agencies and as a mechanism to convey to the S&T community the types of research(More)
The Great Plains is generally defined as North production is limited by soil water and nutrient availability. Using and supplementing these resources to enhance production without damaging the environment is a major challenge. To meet this challenge, the GPFARM DSS was developed. GPFARM provides crop/livestock management support at the whole farm and ranch(More)
In the arid western United States, wildlife water developments, or ''guzzlers,'' are important water sources for wildlife, and consist of impermeable roof structures designed to intercept precipitation and small tanks for storing water. Guzzlers are typically installed in remote mid-to high-elevation basins, where precipitation data are often scarce. In(More)
Vertical surface properties of the landscape were measured using a laser altimeter mounted in a small twin-engine aeroplane. The laser altimeter makes 4000 measurements per second with a vertical recording precision of 0.05 m for a single measurement. These airborne laser measurements were analysed to provide information on topography, vegetation canopy and(More)
Authors' contributions This work was carried out in collaboration between all authors. Author JRK designed the study, performed the statistical analysis, helped write the protocol, and wrote the first draft of the manuscript. Authors JB and JE helped write the protocol and managed data collection. Author MW helped manage literature searches, authors KJ, DT,(More)