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The application of phase change materials (PCMs) in green buildings has been increasing rapidly. PCM applications in green buildings include several development models. This paper briefly surveys the recent research and development activities of PCM technology in building applications. Firstly, a basic description of phase change and their principles is(More)
Phase change materials (PCM) in the construction industry became attractive because of several interesting attributes, such as thermo-physical parameters, open air atmospheric condition usage, cost and the duty structure requirement. Thermal performance optimization of PCMs in terms of proficient storage of a large amount of heat or cold in a finite volume(More)
The turbulent flow in a tangential inlet / tangential outlet vortex tube is numerically simulated using a modified   k turbulence model. The results are compared to experimental measurements from literature. The modified model shows better agreement with the local tangential velocity measurements compared to the standard and RNG   k turbulence models.(More)
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