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Higher plant hydraulic conductivity (K plant) is vital for plant growth, especially under PEG-induced water deficit stress (PEG-IWDS). Leaf venation architecture is a key determinant of leaf hydraulic conductivity (K leaf) and K leaf is a major component of K plant across different plant species. However, there is little information about (1) varietal(More)
The leaf venation architecture is an ideal, highly structured and efficient irrigation system in plant leaves. Leaf vein density (LVD) and vein thickness are the two major properties of this system. Leaf laminae carry out photosynthesis to harvest the maximum biological yield. It is still unknown whether the LVD and/or leaf vein thickness determines the(More)
BACKGROUND Ongoing molecular processes in a cell could target microsatellites, a kind of repetitive DNA, owing to length variations and motif imperfection. Mutational mechanisms underlying such kind of genetic variations have been extensively investigated in diverse organisms. However, obscure impact of ploidization, an evolutionary process of genome(More)
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