M A Szymkiw

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The sensitivity of clinical measures of stereoacuity in the detection of interocular differences in retinal images was examined in 50 adults with normal binocularity. Interocular differences in retinal image size (aniseikonia), clarity (anisometropia) and brightness, as well as differences in absolute and relative pupil size (anisocoria) were created in(More)
The amplitudes and implicit times of the P-1 component of monocular transient pattern VERs elicited by reversing checkerboard targets were measured in 6 conditions: (1) Ocular accommodation (Ao) elicited by minus power ophthalmic lenses; (2) Ao stimulated by minus lenses with the natural pupil of the test eye dilated and replaced by an artificial pupil; (3)(More)
Subjective borders are known to behave quite similarly to real borders when the stimulus presents fragments of visually meaningful forms. There is less information on whether this also applies to unfamiliar stimulus elements. Thus, if a dark/bright stimulus border is presented intermittently at certain frequencies below flicker fusion, the bright border(More)
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