M. A. Susano

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AIMS Poultry meat is considered a major source of Campylobacter. This micro-aerobic bacterium is commonly responsible for foodborne illness. This work focuses on the isolation of Campylobacter coli lytic bacteriophages (phages) against target C. coli strains. METHODS AND RESULTS A method involving the enrichment of free-range chicken samples in a broth(More)
The fabrication of segmented Ni/Cu nanowires (NWs), with tunable structural and magnetic properties, is reported. A potentiostatic electrodeposition method with a single electrolytic bath has been used to fabricate multisegmented Ni/Cu NWs inside a highly hexagonally ordered anodic nanoporous alumina membrane, with diameters of 50 nm and Ni segment lengths(More)
Reactive chemical vapor deposition (CVD) polymerization provides a substrate-independent platform for effective functionalization of virtually any solid substrates, flat, or curved, even with complex geometries. This article reviews bioactive surface functionalization strategies based on CVD polymerization and highlights commonly used surface chemistries.(More)
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