M A Suleymanian

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The effect of isoprenaline (ISO; 5·10−8 to 10−6 M) on active Na transport was studied in depolarized sheep cardiac Purkinje fibres. Membrane current (I) and intracellular Na activity were measured simultaneously during enhanced Na pumping in voltage clamped preparations. ISO stimulated enhanced active Na transport but did not affect membrane current or(More)
1. The changes in intracellular sodium ion concentration (CiNa) of sheep cardiac Purkinje fibres in hyperosmotic solutions were studied using Na-sensitive liquid ion-exchanger microelectrodes. 2. CiNa was increased in hyperosmotic solutions containing different concentrations of sucrose from 0 to 300 mM. 3. The changes in resting membrane potential (RMP) in(More)
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