M. A. Solov'eva

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Experiments on guinea pigs and rats have revealed that thiazole derivatives of isoflavone has a beneficial effects on disturbed lipid and lipoprotein metabolism. New phospholipid complexes enriched with vitamins have been demonstrated to produce a hypolipidemic effect. Sulfated chitosans decrease lipid infiltration of the liver and elevate serum high(More)
Effect of commercially available preparations of chitosan sulfate on the total lipolytic activity was studied in rabbit blood. Chitosan sulfates, administered per os or intravenously, proved to be highly effective activators of lipolytic enzymes. The most distinct efficiency exhibited preparations with molecular mass of 60-120 x 10(3) and the rate of(More)
The article contains information on 280 patients with nasal and paranasal cancer of epithelial (85%) and non-epithelial genesis (15%); on diagnosis, spread of the primary tumor, regional and distant metastases; principles of patients grouping according to TNM staging; analysis of causes of late diagnosis and misdiagnosis.
In experiments on hyperlipidemic rats it was observed the hypolipidemic effect of new sulfated polisaccharides-chitosan, lutelan and krilan sulfates, More pronounced decrease was established in VLDL and increase of HDL after sulfated polysaccharides treatment. The most distinct efficiency exhibites preparation with moledular mass of 20-40 x 10(3) D and the(More)
The bile acid sequestering agent Vasosan P is a new form of pectin-enriched cholestyramine (20%), saccharose (5%) and sorbic acid (0.18%). In comparison with cholestyramine Vasosan P has a more marked hypolipidemic effect in experiment. Vasosan P is remarkable for good organoleptic properties. It is effective in treating patients with type IIa(More)
Flavonoids (polyphenol compounds, diphenylpropane derivatives) a large group of compounds found in almost all types of plants exhibit a wide spectrum of biological activity including antiinflammatory and antiallergic effects [1, 2]. lsoflavonoids isolated from higher plants are heterocyclic compounds, which favorably affect metabolic disorders(More)
Sulfates of natural polysaccharides (heparin, chondroitin, and dextran) exhibit a fairly wide spectrum of biological activity. Thus, the study of the properties of sulfated derivatives of novel heteroglycans obtained by microbiological synthesis, namely, lutelan (I) and cryelan (II) seems appropriate. These heteroglycans are branched polymers whose main(More)
Samples of human blood plasma were irradiated with the laser beam (lamda=633 nm, P=13 mW, t=20 min) in vitro. In experimental and control (incubated in the dark) samples the complement hemolytic activity was measured. Laser irradiation had minor influence on the duration of lag-period and the rate of complement-dependent hemolysis via classical and(More)
A simultaneous study of wound proteolytic activity and morphological picture of the first stages of wound healing on rat deep wound model has been shown. The process of wound healing can be evaluated by dynamics of matrix metalloproteinase activities in wound fluid. Changes in activities of different matrix metalloproteinases correlate with different stages(More)