M A Smetanin

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The Mayak Production Association (MPA) was the first plutonium production plant in the former Soviet Union. Workers at the MPA were exposed to relatively large internal radiation intakes and external radiation exposures, particularly in the early years of plant operations. This paper describes the updated dosimetry database, "Doses-2005." Doses-2005(More)
This paper describes the methods used to correct individual dosimeter readings for workers to obtain estimates of worker doses received at the Mayak Production Association (Mayak PA). Film dosimeters were used at Mayak PA for worker monitoring from 1948 until 1992. The method requires a determination of the relationship between the absorbed dose in film(More)
The Mayak Worker Dosimetry study is a joint Russian/U.S. project to evaluate doses received by workers at the Mayak Production Association facilities from 1948-1972. A key investigation in this project is the characterization of responses of the three types of film dosimeters used to monitor workers during this time period. Experimental irradiations of the(More)
A study was performed of energy and angular responses of the film dosimeters that were used for worker monitoring at the Mayak Production Association (Mayak PA) in 1948-1992. The study used experimental data from tests with three types of individual film dosimeters, and the data were used to determine the dosimeters' energy and angular response(More)
The Mayak worker cohort is one of the major sources of information on health risks due to protracted exposures to plutonium and external ionizing radiation. Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) measurements in tooth enamel in combination with personal dose monitoring can help to improve external dose assessment for this cohort. Here, the occupational(More)
Photon energy distributions were measured in different workplaces of the Mayak Production Association (MPA), which was the first plutonium production plant in the former Soviet Union. In situ gamma spectrometry measurements were performed with a portable germanium detector. The spectral stripping method is used for the conversion of the in situ gamma-ray(More)
In 1945, within the frame of the Uranium Project for the production of nuclear weapons, the Mayak nuclear facilities were constructed at the Lake Irtyash in the Southern Urals, Russia. The nuclear workers of the Mayak Production Association (MPA), who lived in the city of Ozyorsk, are the focus of epidemiological studies for the assessment of health risks(More)
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