M A Sharanevych

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Furosemide (40 mg) was administered to 18 healthy adult males as an intravenous dose, an oral solution, and in tablet form. The pharmacokinetics of intravenous furosemide were studied, determining a total body clearance rate of 117.6 +/- 41.3 ml/min and a harmonic mean half-life of 78 min. The mean absolute bioavailability determined by ratio of areas under(More)
Five normal male volunteers participated in an open crossover study designed to examine the disposition of nafcillin given intravenously with and without probenecid. Each subject received two 500 mg iv doses of sodium nafcillin seven days apart, one dose without probenecid and another dose during oral probenecid administration of 1.0 Gm at bedtime prior to(More)
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