M A Saralidze

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As it is known, p-53-dependent apoptosis is the cause of the radiosensitive cells' rapid death during the first ours after gamma-irradiation. It is considered, that short time suppression of the function of p-53 may decrease injury of normal tissue. The aim of our study was the determination of the effectiveness and possible mechanisms of radioprotective(More)
Oxidative damage of biological membranes plays critical role in the process of radiation-induced damages in tissues and cells. It involves reactive oxygen species generated under ionizing radiation. Development of radiation-induced oxidative stress facilitates the intensification of lipid peroxidation and fatty acid reorganization, which, in its turn,(More)
Free radical oxidation plays important role in the radiation-induced cell and tissue damage. Numerous studies evidence a decrease in body antioxidant system activity and changes in nitric oxide levels during irradiation. It has been demonstrated that in the process of radiation damage NO may play either radioprotective or radiotoxic role depending on body(More)
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