M. A. Salman

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate any possible protective effect of ketamine in acute muscular ischaemia and reperfusion injury by measuring malondialdehyde using thiobarbituric acid assay in rats. METHODS Twelve female Wistar albino rats were anaesthetized with chloral hydrate and randomly assigned into two groups to(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Minimizing cervical vertebrae motion during endotracheal intubation is important in patients with cervical instability. The aim of this study was to compare upper cervical spine extension during endotracheal intubation using three different techniques. METHODS Duration of intubation and movement of upper cervical vertebrae during(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare dexmedetomidine with remifentanil in desflurane based ambulatory gynecologic laparoscopic surgery, in respect to its effects on orientation, discharge time, nausea-vomiting, and postoperative analgesic need. METHODS Sixty 20-40 year old ASA I-II patients undergoing gynecologic laparoscopic surgery were randomized into 2 groups. This(More)
Developments in both instruments and techniques have led to an increasing popularity of endoscopic surgery during the last two decades. Even though there are numerous advantages to using endoscopic surgery, life threatening surgical and anesthetic complications still exist. Precautions must be taken to cope with the potential complications. Anesthetic(More)
BACKGROUND Controlled release techniques are used to increase the duration of action and decrease the toxicity of drugs. Any controlled release form of tramadol in spinal or epidural blocks has not been studied previously. Tramadol was encapsulated into polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) microspheres and release kinetics was studied. The epidural analgesic effect of(More)
BACKGROUND Temporary occlusion of blood flow is used during arthroscopic knee surgery in order to provide a bloodless surgical field. The resulting ischaemia-reperfusion causes lipid peroxidation, which contributes to tissue injury. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of low-dose n-acetyl cysteine (NAC) infusion on oxidative stress by(More)
BACKGROUND The study was aimed to evaluate the analgesic efficacy, postoperative comfort, recovery characteristics and side effects of three different analgesic agents administered prophylactically. METHODS Eighty patients undergoing day-case minor operative laparoscopy were randomly allocated into four groups to receive tenoxicam 20 mg i.v. (Group T),(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE Previous studies suggest a correlation of central venous pressure (CVP) with peripheral venous pressure (PVP) in different clinical setups. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of measurement site on PVP and its agreement with CVP in patients undergoing general anesthesia. DESIGN Prospective randomized study. SETTINGS(More)