M. A. S. S. Ravagnani

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This paper introduces a new optimization model for the simultaneous synthesis of heat and work exchange networks. The work integration is performed in the work exchange network (WEN), while the heat integration is carried out in the heat exchanger network (HEN). In the WEN synthesis, streams at high-pressure (HP) and low-pressure (LP) are subjected to(More)
Use of excel worksheets with user-friendly interface to minimize the makespan in a permutation flow shop production system ABSTRACT. Current research addresses the Permutation Flow Shop scheduling problem, characterized as Production Scheduling in Batch Process (PSBP) to minimize total time to complete the schedule (Makespan). A method to approach the(More)
This paper presents an optimisation model for the synthesis of heat exchanger networks (HEN) including the detailed design of the equipments formulated as a decomposition method. Shell and tube pressure drops and fouling are considered, as well as mechanical aspects, like shell and tube bundle diameters, internal and external diameter of tubes, number of(More)
Problems with synthesis and optimization of reactor systems are considerably more complex than other process stages. The complexity is related to the complex and non-linear behavior of the reactor systems. In this work a computational systematic procedure was developed in order to optimize ideal reactor systems. The technique of non-linear optimization of(More)
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