M. A. Robinson

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Biomedical informatics and technology are becoming important components of dental education. The tools and techniques now available have the potential for significant impact on teaching and research by improving the way information is acquired, stored, retrieved, and managed. However, a gap exists between those who create, introduce, or implement the(More)
In the 2006–07 school year, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) launched a pilot of its Personalized Assessment Reporting System (PARS) for the Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT). The PARS program included several new OGT test score reports for teachers, administrators, students, and parents along with two new websites for educators and students. The new PARS(More)
During the 2007-08 school year, the New York City Department of Education launched the second phase of its ambitious and innovative initiative known as Children First. The reform is guided by three principles: leadership, empowerment, and accountability. Key components include restructuring central-office services, increasing principal authority, providing(More)
The New York City Department of Education has supported collaborative inquiry as a potentially powerful process for helping administrators and teachers use student data to improve instruction and raise student achievement. Beginning with a pilot project in 2006, teams of teachers have learned to work together to diagnose the needs of students who have not(More)
This paper describes an ongoing research project which aims to use Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) to simulate team-working behaviours and cognitions in engineering design teams. Although researchers from other disciplines have successfully used MAS to model and simulate seemingly complex behaviours-through the application of simple rules-this invaluable(More)
Established in 1985, CPRE unites researchers from seven of the nation's leading research institutions in efforts to improve elementary and secondary education through practical research on policy, finance, school reform, and school governance. CPRE studies approaches to education reform to determine how state and local policies can promote student learning.(More)
Title: Using Intelligent Agents to understand organisational behaviour Type: Focused paper Content summary: This paper introduces two ongoing research projects which seek to apply computer modelling techniques in order to simulate human behaviour within organisations. Previous research in other disciplines has suggested that complex social behaviours are(More)
When the Primary Casualty Receiving Facility (PCRF) on Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) ARGUS deployed to Operation GRITROCK in October 2014, platelet apheresis had yet to be proven as a sustainable and usable capability for improving provision of blood products on a maritime platform. This paper explores the difficulties encountered by nurses tasked with(More)
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