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In a pot experiment, BAU-Biofungicide (Trichoderma harzianum) neem oil and curaterr (carbofuran) 5G were tested against root-knot (Meloidogyne javanica) of two papaya varieties Kashempuri and Deshi papaya. Seedlings were inoculated with second stage larvae of M. javanica. Neem oil (5 ml/ 10g seeds) and BAU-Biofungicide (1:4) were used as seed treatant and(More)
Diabetes is a flopping of the body caused due to the absence of insulin and has gained popularity, globally. Physicians analyze diabetes using a blood glucose test; we cannot visibly categorize the person as diabetic or not based on these indicators. A pre-diabetic stage can aware the doctors and the patient about the denigrating health and can conscious(More)
If we look a few years back, we will find that ensemble classification model has outbreak many research and publication in the data mining community discussing how to combine models or model prediction with reduction in the error that results. When we ensemble the prediction of more than one classifier, more accurate and robust models are generated. We have(More)
Clinical data which includes data of patients and their symptoms is growing largely these days. Detection of a disease in some cases is expensive in terms of money and amount of effort spent. Predictive modeling aids in the early detection of a disease by using health records (HRs). By applying such techniques on an available clinical dataset, a prediction(More)
Database based Web applications have been widely incorporated on the Internet and organizations use these services to provide a broad range of services to people. Along with the growing of the internet, there has been a surge in attacks that target these applications. In typical cross site scripting the target views a website which contains code inserted(More)
Information Mining has wide applications in various sector, like bank sector, medical field and various research centers. Cloud computing has most used in now a days. Request is one of the usually used assignments as a piece of data mining applications. Security is the main part of the cloud computing and it has difficult to handle. Two fields now a day has(More)
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