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Olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) are a unique type of macroglia required for normal olfactory axonal regeneration throughout the lifetime of an individual. Recent evidence in the literature suggests that OECs transplanted into injured spinal cords may facilitate axonal regeneration. In this study, we evaluated the neurotrophic properties of OECs using a(More)
Recent work has shown that motor learning, but not mere motor activity, changes the morphology of Purkinje cells, the major projection neurons of the cerebellar cortex. In the present study we examined how motor skill learning affects the dendritic morphology of the stellate local circuit neurons. Adult female rats were either trained to complete a complex(More)
Complex motor learning, but not mere motor activity, has been previously shown to induce structural modifications within the cerebellar cortex. The present experiment examined whether similar changes occur within one of the primary output targets of the region of the cerebellar cortex in which these structural changes were described, the lateral cerebellar(More)
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