M. A. Nesterov

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Data on the hypokinesia-induced transformation of the glycemic profile and ultrasonic changes in the pancreas structure are presented. The AOH study gave further evidence of transforming glycemic curves. Moreover, increased sizes of tail and head of the pancreas and a decrease in its echogeneity were observed in all test-subjects. Structural changes in the(More)
Change in functional activity of digestive system in space flight usually is associated with phenomenon of hypokinesia which takes place in microgravity. However, it is marked that the reorganization of a gastrointestinal tract in space flight occurs on a background of the phenomenon of venous plethora in abdominal cavity, which can also result in changes(More)
We investigated genetic diversity of T. aestivum/T. timopheevii introgression lines in relation to microsatellite loci and resistance to fungal diseases. The genotyping of hybrid lines and parental cultivars of common wheat with 143 Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers revealed, respectively, 521 and 440 alleles or 3.24/2.73 alleles on average per(More)
Five series of head-down (-10 degrees to -30 degrees, up to 18 hr) tilt tests were performed with participation of 65 healthy male subjects. The ultrasonic technique was used to investigate the liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, and the main abdominal vessels, i.e. aorta in the abdomen and superior mesenteric artery, interior caval, portal, and splenic veins.(More)
The shortage of polymorphic markers for the regions of the wheat chromosomes that encode commercially valuable traits determines the need for studying the wheat microsatellite SSR loci. In this work, SSR markers for individual regions of the short arm of soft wheat chromosome 5B (5BS) were designed based on the sequence data obtained from BAC clones, and(More)
The detailed theoretical analysis of the resonance phenomena caused by excitation of the surface Josephson plasma waves (SJPW) in layered superconductors is made. It is shown that the surface waves at the boundary between the vacuum and layered superconductor can be excited by attenuated total reflection (ATR). The dispersion relation for the SJPW and the(More)
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