M. A. Mukhamed’yarov

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Age-related development of behavioral disorders in transgenic mice with modeled Alzheimer’s disease carrying V6S3-Tg(APP695)85Dbo Tg(PSENI)85Dbo) genotype was assessed at the age of 7.5, 10 and 20 months in the following tests: open-field, plus maze, T-maze, conditioned passive avoidance response, rotarod, conflict situation with water deprivation,(More)
Experiments on frog neuromuscular synapses using extracellular microelectrode recording of endplate currents (EPC) and nerve ending (NE) responses were performed to study the mechanisms of facilitation of quantum secretion of acetylcholine on replacement of extracellular Ca ions with Sr ions. Solutions with a Ca ion concentration of 0.5 mM (calcium(More)
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