M. A. Mottalib

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Reducing power dissipation is the ultimate objective in the world of VLSI circuit design. Conventional logic dissipates more power by losing bits of information whereas reversibility recovers bit loss from the unique input-output mapping. Thus reversible logic has become immensely popular research area and its applications have spread in various(More)
Neural network is one of the successful methods for protein secondary structure prediction. Day to day this technology is modified, improved, even other methods also combined with it to get better result. In this paper we trained feed-forward neural network with proteins for secondary structure prediction. Using Java Object Oriented Neural Engine (JOONE)(More)
Many distributed computations involving the sharing of resources among various processes require that a resource be allocated to a single process at a time. Therefore, mutual exclusion is a fundamental problem in any distributed computing system. This problem must be solved to synchronize the access to shared resources in order to maintain their consistency(More)
With the evolution of time the gene composition of species have changed a lot. Consequently it has mutated to generate new diseases and traits. In order to identify genes or coding sections of a DNA sequence it is imperative to find out the promoter regions or the conserved regions of the DNA code first. But the main problem stands that the databases for(More)
This paper presents an algorithm for scheduling applications in large-scale, multi-user distributed systems. The approach is primarily targeted at systems that are composed of general-purpose workstation networks. Scheduling decisions are driven by the desire to minimize turnaround time while maintaining fairness among competing applications and minimizing(More)
Motifs are meaningful short sequences which conserve itself during the evolution and discovery of motifs are used to put DNA sequences into their corresponding categories. Different evolutionary methods have been used for motif discovery i.e. genetic algorithm, PSO etc. In this paper we have incorporated the concept of Linear-PSO to find motifs from DNA(More)
Power dissipation is a significant factor in the field of today’s electrical or electronic designing. The most promising substitute to these issues is the reversible computing. The reversible circuits do not dissipate energy as much as irreversible circuits. The reversible circuits do not lose information and can also produce unique outputs from the(More)
Peer-to-peer live video streaming systems are having more popularity as the information technology is advancing fast. Peerto-peer live video streaming systems are like peer-to-peer file sharing system and they are also vulnerable to content pollution attack as file sharing. In this type of attack, the attacker mixes polluted or unnecessary data into the(More)
Phylogenetic inference methods like Maximum-parsimony perform exhaustive search strategy to extract evolutionary information from genomic sequences. Complexity arises when we increase the number of sequences involved, as the number of possible solutions increase exponentially alongside. In this paper, we have proposed an algorithm which identifies the(More)