M. A. Moreno

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Do speakers know universal restrictions on linguistic elements that are absent from their language? We report an experimental test of this question. Our case study concerns the universal restrictions on initial consonant sequences, onset clusters (e.g., bl in block). Across languages, certain onset clusters (e.g., lb) are dispreferred (e.g., systematically(More)
The general failure to individuate component causes in cognitive performance suggests the need for an alternative metaphysics. The metaphysics of control hierarchy theory accommodates the fact of self-organization in nature and the possibility that intentional actions are self-organized. One key assumption is that interactions among processes dominate their(More)
A rapid extraction method for screening aflatoxin producing potential ofAspergillus flavus group isolates is described. The method is performed using a moist wheat medium with ca. five infected grains extracted with 2 mL of chloroform, and using thin layer chromatography. This method was proved with 95A. flavus isolates from animal feeds.
The distribution of aflatoxin producing isolates of the Aspergillus flavus group in feeds was studied. Aflatoxin production was investigated by a sequential method previously reported (fluorescence in Coconut Agar Medium, rapid extraction from a wheat medium, and total extraction from the same wheat medium). Twenty-seven of 32 samples contained A. flavus,(More)
Response time studies of acquired language disorders are plagued by tremendous variability in patients' response times. In this brief report we demonstrate how variability itself may provide informative data. Lexical decision response times, generated by nine patients, illustrate how within-patient variability may estimate stability in cognitive dynamics.
This paper presents an approach to the evolution of the cooperative behaviour of some bots inside the PC game UnrealTM. We intend to create bots that cooperate as a team trying to beat other teams (composed of human players or bots). So, in addition to the improvement of the default artificial intelligence (AI) of bots, we have performed an improvement of(More)
A simple, rapid, sensitive and automatizable method for the detection and quantification of bacterial cell wall inhibitors has been developed. The procedure is characterized by the use of a micro-organism hypersensitive to beta-lactam antibiotics that contains an inducible cytosolic beta-galactosidase; this enzyme is released when the micro-organism cell(More)
Transformation of sterigmatocystin and O-methylsterigmatocystin (two metabolic aflatoxin precursors) to aflatoxins by aflatoxigenic and nonaflatoxigenic field isolates of Aspergillus flavus was studied. The 24 nonaflatoxigenic isolates investigated failed to transform both precursors. Among the 8 aflatoxin-producing isolates used, 7 transformed both(More)
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