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We have studied the growth rate, nucleic-acid concentration, protein-accumulation rate (K(G)), and several other parameters relating to protein turnover, such as the protein-synthesis (K(S)), and(More)
Maslinic acid (MA) is a pentacyclic triterpene used as a feed additive to stimulate growth, protein-turnover rates, and hyperplasia in fish. To further our understanding of cellular mechanisms(More)
Rainbow trout maintained at crowding or noncrowding conditions were fed on five experimental diets that were formulated considering two levels of vitamin E (25.6 and 275.6 mg/kg diet), vitamin C (0(More)
Maslinic acid (2-alpha, 3-beta-dihydroxiolean-12-en-28-oic acid) is a triterpenoid compound present in fruit and leaves of Olea europaea that can be used as an additive in the diet of trout. The(More)
We have determined the kinetic behaviour of serine dehydratase (SerDH) and tyrosine aminotransferase (TyrAT) in the liver and white muscle of juvenile rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fed on a(More)