M. A. Melguizo

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The object of this paper is to perform an analysis of the sensitivity for convex vector programs with inequality constraints by examining the quantitative behavior of a certain set of optima according to changes of right-hand side parameters included in the program. The results in the paper prove that the sensitivity of the program depends on the solution(More)
1. I N T R O D U C T I O N The main objective of the present article is to analyze sensitivity in vectorial optimization programs, that is, to study the variations of a set of efficient points when a certain parameter of the program varies. There is a very important fact that marks an essential difference between scalar and vectorial programming. Whereas in(More)
Nitro-fatty acids (NO2-FAs) are the product of the reaction between reactive nitrogen species derived of nitric oxide (NO) and unsaturated fatty acids. In animal systems, NO2-FAs are considered novel signaling mediators of cell function based on a proven antiinflammatory response. Nevertheless, the interaction of NO with fatty acids in plant systems has(More)
The design, synthesis, in vitro evaluation, and conformational study of nitrosopyrimidine derivatives acting as antifungal agents are reported. Different compounds structurally related with 4,6-bis(alkyl or arylamino)-5-nitrosopyrimidines were evaluated. Some of these nitrosopyrimidines have displayed a significant antifungal activity against human(More)
Stress situations are characterized by a rise in reactive oxygen (ROS) and nitrogen (RNS) species levels. Nitro-fatty acids (NO2-FAs), or nitroalkenes, are produced by the interaction of RNS and unsaturated fatty acids, stored in cells, mostly as part of protein-adducted NO2-FAs, and are esterified in complex lipids. These molecules, which have been shown(More)
Nitro-fatty acids (NO2-FAs), which are the result of the interaction between reactive nitrogen species (RNS) and non-saturated fatty acids, constitute a new research area in plant systems, and their study has significantly increased. Very recently, the endogenous presence of nitro-linolenic acid (NO2-Ln) has been reported in the model plant Arabidopsis(More)
Controlling the chemistry on the surface of new carbon materials is a key factor to widen the range of their applicability. In this paper we show a grafting methodology of polyalkylamines to the surface of carbon nanomaterials, in particular, carbon nanotubes and a carbon black. The aim of this work is to reach large degrees of covalent functionalization(More)
New nitrosopyrimidines were synthesized and evaluated as potential antibacterial agents. Different compounds structurally related with 4,6-bis(alkyl or arylamino)-5-nitrosopyrimidines were evaluated. Some of these nitrosopyrimidines displayed significant antibacterial activity against human pathogenic bacteria. Among them compounds 1c, 2a-c, and 9a-c(More)
The structures of six symmetrically 4,6-disubstituted 2-aminopyrimidines, four of them containing a 5-nitroso substituent, have been determined. The nitroso compounds, in particular, exhibit polarized molecular-electronic structures leading to extensive charge-assisted hydrogen bonding. The intermolecular interactions observed include hard hydrogen bonds of(More)
We report the synthesis of a novel ligand, 3,3'-(1,2,4,5-tetrazine-3,6-diyl)dibenzoic acid (1). In this fragment, we have introduced two carboxylate groups with the aim of using this ligand as a linker to construct three-dimensional metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). We have been successful in the formation of zinc (2) and lanthanum (3) MOFs. The zinc(More)