M. A. Medina

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This paper deals with the state variables (Temperatures) estimation for a counter-flow doublepipe heat exchanger using Multi-linear Models using a Kalman filter (FK) for the state variables approaching and using Bayes probability for the change of the model. The reliability of the proposed method was demonstrated via numerical simulation and laboratory(More)
Pollutants in groundwater aquifers may constitute a significant human health risk. A large variation in response may result among human populations experiencing the same level and duration of exposure to pollutants. Variability in response, as a result of exposure to a carcinogenic contaminant such as trichloroethylene (TCE), can be represented by a(More)
We consider a one-dimensional one-phase Stefan problem for a semi-infinite substance. We suppose that there is a transient heat flux at the fixed face and the thermal coefficients are constant. The goal of this paper is to determine the behavior of the free boundary and the temperature by changing the thermal coefficients. We use the maximum principle in(More)
This paper presents a three-phase switched reluctance motor control with a 6/4 configuration in two operation quadrants of the machine torque-angular speed. The switched reluctance motor plays an important role in the electric vehicle propulsion system; the aim of the control system is to achieve a speed trajectory tracking commanded by an urban driving(More)
This review focuses on progress in the development of transport models for heterogeneous contaminated aquifers, the use of predicted contaminant concentrations in groundwater for risk assessment for heterogeneous human populations, and the evaluation of aquifer remediation technologies. Major limitations and areas for continuing research for all methods(More)
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