M. A. Maud

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This letter aims at selecting an efficient variable block size mode in H.264 video coding standard for better compression performance. The proposed scheme is based on 3D Recursive Search algorithm and takes into account the motion vector cost and previous frame information. The best mode for the current macroblock is obtained by analyzing the modes for a(More)
The paper presents efficient algorithms for enhancing the computational performance of an H.264 video encoder. We employ previously calculated motion vectors and variable block size modes from neighboring blocks to select the best modes and motion vectors for the current macroblock. The scheme results in 40% to 70% improvement in the encoding time over a(More)
State-space recursive least-squares (SSRLS) is a new addition to the family of RLS adaptive filters. Beginning with a review of SSRLS, we show that this time-varying filter converges to an LTI (linear time invariant) filter. With observation noise as the input, BIBO (bounded input, bounded output) stability of the estimator is discussed next. We carry out(More)
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