M. A. Mannan

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In the mouse, follicular formation and development is largely postnatal. Changes in ovarian steroidogenesis during early postnatal life are likely, therefore, to reflect changes in follicular activity during early folliculogenesis. In this study, basal progesterone and androstenedione production and responsiveness to gonadotrophins, dibutyryl cyclic AMP(More)
Ovarian steroid metabolism was investigated (i) during development in a normal inbred strain in which post-natal follicle growth has been described and (ii) in adult hypogonadal (hpg) mice which lack GnRH and have very low serum concentrations of gonadotrophins. Tissue was incubated with [3H]pregnenolone or [3H]androstenedione and metabolites separated by(More)
Toxic concentration of arsenic (400 microg/kg body weight/day) was administered orally for 8 weeks to both iron-supplemented and iron-deficient rats. The results showed greater amount of arsenic in both the duodenum and liver of iron-deficient rats, compared to iron-supplemented ones. Duodenum containing high concentration of arsenic in iron-deficient rats(More)
Cytochrome P-450 side chain cleavage (P-450scc) is vital for biosynthesis of gonadal steroids. In this study changes in P-450scc mRNA levels and cholesterol side-chain cleavage (CSCC) enzyme activity have been measured during development in the ovary of the normal mouse and the hypogonadal (hpg) mouse which lacks circulating gonadotrophins. Levels of(More)
The cytochrome P450 aromatase (P450arom) enzyme is required for bioconversion of androgen to oestrogen. In this study ovarian P450arom mRNA and enzyme activity have been measured during development in normal mice and hypogondal (hpg) mice which lack circulating gonadotrophins. A semi-quantitative reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) technique was used to(More)
The texture of a machined surface generated by a cutting tool, with geometrically well-defined cutting edges, carries essential information regarding the extent of tool wear. There is a strong relationship between the degree of wear of the cutting tool and the geometry imparted by the tool on to the workpiece surface. The monitoring of a tool’s condition in(More)