M. A. Macêdo

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Resistive memories are considered the most promising candidates for the next generation of non-volatile memory; however, attention has so far been limited to rewritable memory features for applications in resistive random access memories (RRAM). In this article, we provide a new insight into the applicability of resistive memories. The characteristics of(More)
In some epidemics that have devastating consequences, the primary inoculum plays an important role in both epidemic onset and intensification. This article documents the dynamics of such epidemics, and illustrates their importance using two examples: Huanglongbing of citrus and begomoviruses of tomato. The latter disease is a major constraint to tomato(More)
In this communication we present a new sol– gel route to obtain high quality BaFe 12 O 19 thin films. X-ray analysis confirmed the crystal structure with a crystal size of 32 nm. Atomic force microscopy images determined the film thickness to be around 250 nm and a roughness factor of less than 40 nm where the grain size averaged around 150 nm. SQUID(More)
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