M. A. Lyzhenkova

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We propose a method for standardization of complex adaptogen-containing preparations. The method is based on acceleration of baking yeast strain growth on energy-depleted medium in the presence of the test agent. This method allows simple quantitative biological control of phytoadaptogens and comparison of adaptogenic activity of mono- and complex(More)
Leukoplakia of the oral mucosa is characterized by impairment of the epithelial differentiation program. The use of complex phytoadaptogen in the treatment of patients with leukoplakia normalized expression of Fas-APO-1 antigen and keratin 17; increased expression of CD54 attested to activation of immune effectors. The clinical effect manifested in(More)
A system of in vitro immunobiological tests is developed for screening of phytopreparations intended for the use as immunomodulators in oncology. Proliferative activity of human tumor cells decreased after treatment with complex phytoadaptogen. The immunomodulatory effect of this phytoadaptogen on immunocompetent cells of cancer patients and its nonspecific(More)
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