M. A. Lebedev

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Although the timing of single spikes is known to code for time-varying features of a sensory stimulus, it remains unclear whether time is also exploited in the neuronal coding of the spatial structure of the environment, where nontemporal stimulus features are fundamental. This report demonstrates that, in the whisker representation of rat cortex, precise(More)
1. Primary somatosensory cortical (SI) neurons exhibit characteristic activity before the initiation of movements. This premovement activity (PMA) may result from centrally generated as well as from peripheral inputs. We examined PMA for 55 SI neurons (10, 13, 28, and 4 in areas 3a, 3b, 1, and 2, respectively) with activity that was entrained to(More)
While previous studies have identified rhythmically firing neurons (RFNs) in monkey neostriatum and these rhythmic firing patterns have been shown to evolve in neostriatal tonically active neurons (TANs) after dopamine input depletion, the activity patterns of RFNs during motor behavior are still far from completely understood. We examined the single-unit(More)
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