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The pharmacological characterization of SB 209670, a highly potent nonpeptide endothelin ETA/ETB receptor antagonist was performed. SB 209670 produced concentration-dependent, parallel rightward shifts in the ET-1 concentration-response curves in the isolated rat aorta (ETA receptor-mediated vascular contraction). The Kb for inhibition of ETA(More)
In this study, six biomechanical models for simulating lamb liver behaviour are presented. They are validated using similarity coefficients from Medical Image on reconstructed volumes from computerised tomography images. In particular, the Jaccard and Hausdorff coefficients are used. Loads of 20 and 40 g are applied to the livers and their deformation is(More)
In this paper, a procedure to experimentally simulate the behavior of the liver when the pneumoperitoneum technique is applied in laparoscopic surgery is presented, as well as methodology to make the comparison of each sample before and after insufflating the gas. This comparison is carried out using the 3D reconstruction of the volume from the CT images(More)
In this paper, a set of coefficients commonly used in Medical Image to estimate the committed error comparing two images is presented, which, combined together, allow to determine the similarity between volumes. Furthermore, an analysis of the behavior of these coefficients is performed to determine those coefficients that better discriminate the fit error,(More)
Dasatinib (Sprycel) is a potent antitumor agent prescribed for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). To enable reliable quantification of dasatinib and its pharmacologically active metabolites in human plasma during clinical testing, a sensitive and reliable liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method was developed and(More)
This paper presents a method to computationally estimate the elastic parameters of two biomechanical models proposed for the human liver. The method is aimed at avoiding the invasive measurement of its mechanical response. The chosen models are a second order Mooney-Rivlin model and an Ogden model. A novel error function, the geometric similarity function(More)
The effect of a series of endothelin (ET) receptor antagonists, including the novel nonpeptide receptor antagonist, SB 209670, on [125I]ET-1 binding to human ET receptors (ETA and ETB) cloned and stably expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells was studied. SB 209670 was found to compete for [125I]ET-1 binding with apparent Ki values of 0.43 +/- 0.09 and(More)
Structure-activity studies have been pursued on cyclo-S,S-[Ac-Cys-(N alpha-Me)Arg-Gly-Asp-Pen]-NH2, 2 (SK&F 106760), a potent inhibitor of platelet aggregation, in an effort to improve potency and affinity for the GPIIb/IIIa receptor. Modifications on the N- and C-termini of 2 produced a series of peptides which indicate that the C-terminal carboxylate(More)