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Saliva antimicrobial proteins may interact in a common system to influence the oral ecology. Clinical studies of antimicrobial protein action thus may require a multiple-protein approach. Multivariate statistical methods have been used to describe possible patterns of interaction for lysozyme, lactoferrin, salivary peroxidase and secretory IgA in stimulated(More)
The heritability of saliva protein concentrations was investigated in stored samples of clarified stimulated whole saliva from adult twins participating in a study of periodontal disease genetics. Saliva was obtained from 29 monozygous and 20 dizygous twin pairs. Visits were scheduled so that both twins in a pair donated saliva at the same time of day. Flow(More)
Many studies have attempted to relate levels of antimicrobial proteins in saliva to oral health; results have been inconsistent, and one reason might be inconsistency of measures of plaque and saliva within subjects. This study investigated associations between plaque and salivary variables in longitudinal data. Whole saliva, and 8-h plaque pooled from(More)
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