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Inactivation of enveloped viruses (VSV, SFV, and SHV-1) by surfactin lipopeptides was dependent on the hydrophobicity, i.e. the number of carbon atoms of the fatty acid, and on the charge of the peptide moiety as well as on the virus species. Surfactins with fatty acid chains of 13 carbon atoms showed very low antiviral activity in comparison to C14 and C15(More)
Methodological and conceptual problems common in prenatal stress experiments were analyzed, and an experiment incorporating solutions to those problems were designed and executed. Rats were prenatally stressed or served as controls and then were cross-fostered within or between treatment groups. In adulthood, one male from each litter was tested over 20(More)
The relationship between the Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI) and the WISC-R was investigated for cultural differences. The samples consisted of 30 suburban and 22 Native children who were referred for learning difficulties. The results indicated the suburban group was higher than the Native group on Verbal IQ, but not Performance IQ, Full Scale IQ, or(More)
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