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418 The receptor mechanisms of the chemical signals influences underlying species integrity are at the very initial stage of investigation at the present time. In cur rent study test subjects were two sympatric species which do not hybridize under natural conditions: house mouse (Mus musculus) and mount—building mouse (M. spicilegus) as well as laboratory(More)
26 Aggressive behavior plays a key role in animals’ adaptation to environmental conditions. Intermale aggression in the house mouse mainly determines the character of dominance/subordinance relations, orga nization of the population structure and the character of mating choice under both the natural and labora tory conditions of house mouse [1, 2]. The(More)
380 The olfactory system is one of the oldest sensory systems from an evolutionary perspective. Analysis of olfactory stimuli is crucial for the organization of complex behaviors in most species of mammals. Social behavior of the house mouse Mus musculus is largely directed by olfactory stimuli. The secretion level and the balance of steroid hormones in the(More)
The sensitivity to androstenone and possible factors, determining the sensitivity were investigated for the large sample of inhabitants of central Russia (n = 860). Specific anosmia was detected in 48.8% of subjects. Women were more sensitive to androstenone than men. The proportion of men, but not women perceiving the smell of androstenone as a strong one(More)
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